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    Who do you care about more. Palm or Sprint? To me, If Palm would die I would move on no problem, but if Sprint died then I'd have a very hard time finding a replacement.

    I see a lot of criticism towards Sprint for not marketing the Pre enough or salesmen not pushing the product, but we can't forget that Sprint is having it's own struggles too. So should Sprint be making extra effort to help Palm or should Sprint follow the market trends and put their support on what's "popular", even if it means watching Palm die?

    In my area then Sprint has always had the best plans and coverage, but where they always seemed to lack is the phones. I believe they stuck with the Treo's for waaaaaaaay too long and while the Pre exclusivity agreement looked promising at first, in the end it didn't stop Sprint from bleeding customers every month.

    This doesn't mean I'm not a Pre fan. WebOS is very appealing, but Palm keeps making so many mistakes that their product is hurting Sprint. Shoddy hardware, buggy software and a high return rate look bad on Palm but it also reflects poorly on Sprints sagging reputation, adds to customer support workloads and causes a backlog of inventory.

    So if Sprint's best chance at surviving is to quit pushing the Pre and make a play for the more popular phones like Android (or even the next iPhone) then I'm all for it.

    This is my opinion so if you disagree then please respond with yours.
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    I don't think Sprint needs to throw Palm under the bus.

    In regards to Palm. It is widely known that Palm has had some hardware issues. This makes it difficult for Sprint reps to stand behind the product when advising customers on a new phone. I mean come on, how could you as a rep recommend a phone that you have seen returned to the store for a variety of QC issues.

    In regards to Sprint. It is their own damn fault. They made the business decision to offer crap phones. For 2+ years AT&T offered the iPhone, where was Sprint.

    Sprint needs to take care of themselves and Palm needs to take care of themselves also. Both need to do what they need to do to survive. Right now neither is.

    However, I have a phone I absolutely enjoy and will stay with Sprint for a while unless the same pattern repeats and I don't have the option of such an awesome phone. Yet I do think Sprint has learned their lesson. Too late - not likely. Cell phone plan shoppers will return when they perceive there to be a reason to move to Sprint.
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    Should Walmart be putting any effort into saving Sirius Satellite radio?

    Sounds crazy to me. Palm is trying to save itself by putting its smartphones on as many carriers as possible, and Sprint is trying to save itself by bringing in as many smartphones from as many manufactureres as possible.

    Their futures are not tied together. Nor should they be. If you depend on one organzation/businiess to ensure your relevance, you will lose your relevance.
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    The argument that Sprint didn't have great phones and thus suffered for it is mistaken, I think. Verizon also didn't have great phones for quite some time, and they managed to grow market share quite successfully. I think Sprint had other issues.

    That said, I hate to say that I'd be less likely to leave Sprint than to leave Palm, simply because my entire family uses Sprint and we can't really justify spending the extra that would come with Verizon or AT&T. Sprint has been almost perfect for me during the 10+ years I've been with them--coverage has always been great, I've never had a problem with dropped calls, and of course pricing is phenomenal. I pay $69/month for everything I could possibly use, and now that wireless-wireless calls are now unlimited across carriers, I can't imagine switching.

    I'll stay with Palm as long as I can, but even I'll say (as a loyal Palm supporter) that I can't stay with Palm forever. There are things I need to be able to do on my smartphone that I can't currently do, such as make audio recordings and edit Office docs. I've waited awhile now for those things and made do without them, but it's having an impact on my productivity.

    If Palm's situation in the near-term means that developers don't make the sorts of apps I need, then of course I'll have to look at other options. It's a bummer because of course webOS is otherwise the best platform out there, and I'd hate to switch to, say, Android.
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    Palm has been a major part of Sprint for a long time, for at least 10 years that I know of, as long as I have been with Sprint. I love Sprint not just for the fact that they were the only carrier that would accept my credit 10 years ago, but that they offer some of the best rate plans out there. I have my internet and three phones thru Sprint, and I enjoy that. The big problem I have is the fact that I went thru 7 crappy phones- thru customer service upgrades- and knowing people in the right places. I finally decided to use my upgrade to get a Pre. I enjoy this phone, to me it is better than the Blackberry curve I had, but the problems are starting to show up with the slider and software issues. I feel that Sprint should step up and work more closely with Palm because how can you let other carriers come in and get the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus onto there markets and we are still stuck with the 8gb. Pre. Come on now, somebody step it up a little. Sprint wants to be the best in the market, well bring something to the table!!!!

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