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    Just wondering, but why would a businessman with 3 lines and a NEED to have 24/7 phone access NOT have an inexpensive phone that can by used while the "exchange / repair" is being done?

    I have 5 lines and 2 "extra phones". They are cheap little things. When we have a serious issue with one phone (requiring replacement / repairs of significant time), we go online and switch the calls to the "spare" and then reverse when we are satisfied that the "regular" phone is ready.

    We never miss calls and do not get stressed out over a few hours or even a day or so.
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    Verizon's insurance is Asurion, too. The replacement phone I got from when while still on Sprint broke, too. That was my one-time use of the insurance. I ended up using that phone until my new every 2 kicked in and I bought a new phone. This was just an LG feature flip phone.

    I have never had to deal with Sprint CS, but my fiancee has and they have never not been able to satisfy her or fix her problem on the phone. Everybody has a story to tell, good or bad.
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    Sprint really needs to change their company that handles their insurance replacements. I have friends that have dealt with them and have received screwed up replacement phones. One of them had the Pre and after 5 phones he went to BB. This may be where the big negative for customer service at sprint originates. Wonder if the refurb entails more than just wiping it off.
    I know for a fact that Verizon also does insurance through Asurion and, if I'm not mistaken, so do AT&T and T-Mobile. I don't know how such an awful company landed such a sweet position but they don't even slightly deserve it.

    I'm only on my second Pre (since June 2009) so I can't say I'm extremely experienced, but when I filed a claim about two months ago they ended up shipping my replacement to Tuscon, Arizona. That would have been fantastic if I lived in Tuscon, but I live approximately 1,700 miles away in Tennessee. Luckily they provide you with tracking information and I noticed before it had been delivered. The Asurion representative I spoke to on the phone couldn't tell me (as in she didn't know) how it was shipped to an entirely different address than the one I gave them and I verified to her. After a period of holding for her to talk to someone that could fix the situation, she told me that they would send another phone to the correct address and because this happened on a Thursday she would mark it to be delivered by Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised that they were actually trying to help me, so I breathed easily the next day and was giddy with anticipation when I woke up Saturday morning...

    Oh, she didn't mark it for Saturday delivery. I thought to myself, "Well that's okay, at least my phone is still somewhat functional. I can hold off another two days until Monday." Skip forward to around 5:30 Monday night and guess who still doesn't have a replacement phone? It's a very irritated me. The gods were smiling upon Asurion that day, however, as it was really my local FedEx's fault that it wasn't delivered on Monday - apparently a melting two inches of snow from the weekend had managed to cripple their capacity to deliver packages, I assume because the tires on their vans are coated with Teflon.

    I wish I could say this was the end of the problems, but it wasn't, so to save you some reading time: I got the phone around lunchtime the next day (Tuesday). I tried to activate my new phone online - it didn't work. I called the activation number - that didn't work. I was redirected to a representative that would try to help me activate the phone - she couldn't do it and told me I'd have to wait six hours for it to be activated. I was incredibly ****ed off and just tried to activate it online every five minutes for about an hour until it magically worked.

    And there we have it. My next day insurance replacement process took almost a week, I still had to pay for it and, much to my chagrin, Asurion still exists.
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    try using ghastly headset app for any problems with microphone.
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    That's funny.
    I called Sprint and told them about my speaker problem.

    She said the next minute, "Okay I've placed the order for your replacement."

    Sorry. It's obvious you have to call them.
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