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    I bought my pre plus from verizon (full 2 year contract price ~$280 after tax) on feb 24th and not two weeks later I now see that it's selling for 79.99 with a 2 year contract. What the hell? I want my $200 back!

    Anyone have experience with this kind of issue with verizon? and how did it play out?
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    30 day policy

    go back in, and get your $$ back

    if any problems, just ask to return and rebuy.

    you wouldnt have any problems though, otheres have successfully done it on this board
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    Does Verizon allow you to return a phone in less than 30 days?
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    yes all US cell carries have the 30 day policy as far as I know
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    I should have mentioned in the first post, I did purchase the phone with a $100 mail in rebate (it's been mailed, but I haven't received it back yet.)

    While I think it would be cool to make ~$20 and get the phone for free, I don't think I want to commit fraud. Can they cancel the rebate? Do I have to wait for it to arrive and return it?
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    i wouldnt worry about it. go get your $$ back
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    yes all US cell carries have the 30 day policy as far as I know
    first off your image sucks! go irish! secondly, your wrong, it varies by state! you can easily call customer service and they will credit you for it. if they dont just threaten to return the phone and they will.

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