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    I am eligible for an upgrade from Sprint - the $150 or national pricing. I am planning on buying a Pre from eBay instead because it is cheaper. I just want to know if activating the phone will reset my upgrade timer. As in I have to wait another 2 years to upgrade the phone and get a discount.

    I'd like to have the discount available should I dislike the Pre, or another phone being released to Sprint that I will like more than the Pre.
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    no does not reset your upgrade timer
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    you will most likely have to sign some kind of contract regardless but since you will have to have an unlimited plan it will put you in the premier status with sprint and that will put you at a place where you get the full upgrade after the first year instead of after two years. not sure what type of contract they will ask from you though. it would be wise to ask them first ,before you do this .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I already have a Sprint Family plan - Everything Data. I am simply upgrading my phone. Thanks for the answers! That was insanely quick...

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