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    So yeah no more NFL, we will be getting ESPN Live TV along with Sprint Football App... link: Sprint | News Release all the goodies are at that link just check it out. xD

    Bye bye NFL we sure will miss you here on Sprint! lol
    And Welcome ESPN! xD
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    Already posted this 6 minutes prior but thanks
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    Already posted this 7 hours prior but thanks.
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    On a much lighter note, and one that makes me REALLY HAPPY...

    I just went to the NFL Sunday Ticket Superfan site - and despite the loss of NFL network on the Pre, Supercast AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE!

    There is an app for the Palm Pre (among other phones), so I'll be able to catch the game even if I'm on the go on those random Sundays where something manages to suck me away from my living room...
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    xD ops I didnt know!

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