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    Hey everyone, I was contemplating purchasing a Blackberry, just to have as a second phone and to play with, and switching between that and my Pre. Don't get me wrong, I love the Pre, but I just want to experience something different. I know that I can switch phones on the Sprint website. My question is, would BIS (blackberry internet service) work when I switch? I am currently on a everything data family plan and I know it says that BIS is included but I just want to make sure that there won't be any kind of extra charge on my bill.

    Also, I currently have the Total Equipment Protection (TEP) plan for my Pre. When I switch phones, would the TEP switch to cover the Blackberry? Or how does that work? And when I do switch back to the Pre would everything be back to normal just like before I switch to the Blackberry?

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    BIS is included in the Everything Data plan. There would be no additional charge for it.

    TEP covers whatever device is currently on your line.
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    I've done just what you are planning on doing. I have a BB Tour 9630, and switched to a Pre. The activation process was pretty seamless and simple, I must say. I really am not sold on it, but still have it and switched back to the Tour. When I switched back, I couldn't do it from the webpage. It kept telling me that I was not on a Sprint network. So I had to go back to Customer Service to set everything up. I'm considering reactivating the Pre to upgrade to 1.4.0 and see if that changes my opinion of it. I'm a big baseball fan and would like to have streaming audio and video, but it appears that is fully implementing their At Bat 2010 application for the Pre yet (they have for the Android, iPhone, and Blackberrys).

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