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    any idea?, this phone not coneccting to pc, only in media sync, i apreciated you help, thank you, bye.
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    try to update your drivers on the computer
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    i've mentioned before that i am a mac and had to do the Mojo hack on the kids crappy PeeeCeee so i've spent countless hours figuring out ways to "be the boss of me" in WindowsXP.

    Our PC refuses to recognize my Pre in the QI app even while simultaneously asking me 100x if i'm sure i want to do nothing with the new hardware it detected.

    I messed around with all the QI drop-down menus and found that if I click the second menu over and drag down to "send file" I can actually send the same tiny dummy file to my Pre every time I need to "tweak" or shuffle patches.

    After you get the "file sent success" message go back to the drop-down menus and choose the function you really wanted to use. It should now recognize your Pre.

    Depending on how wobbly the Wi-Fi signal is on my PC on any given day I may get a "connection refused" message while I'm in the middle of moving/installing things so I have to "send file to Pre" all over again. Sometimes I have to do this 4 or 5 times before I'm done tweaking. But at least its connecting....

    Hopefully you have already solved this issue since it's been about 2 weeks from your post but I thought I'd share for anyone else who may have this issue.


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