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    So I received my online bill today and surprise, surprise....There was no $20 credit as Sprint had promised me (I called to cancel due to the rise in fees). So I called up customer service and asked why. I was told I cannot stack my corporate discount and the $20/month deal.

    I had already heard this so I asked when I was getting the deal if it was possible. I was told yes, you can get both discounts.

    Well, still she couldnt do it, so I asked if I could get my contract fulfilled, and she said yes. So I'm happy. This is what I wanted from the beginning. I can now leave Sprint whenever I find a better phone or better deal. woo hoo!!!.

    Just wanted to let everyone know. Watch your bill this month if they gave you the $20/24 deal!!

    Oh, and they removed my credit for my airave. I asked them to reinstate it, and was told they would but they havent yet.
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    I made sure to check my bill as soon as it posted and I did receive the discount. I also have a corporate discount and the airave credit. I didn't trust they were going to give me the credit but Sprint came through.
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    well, that makes me mad. The Sprint service lady said the computer wouldnt let her do it.

    And Sprint wonders why they are losing customers at an astonishing rate, its because they lie and try to scam us left and right.

    Thanks a lot Sprint.
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    Just keep calling and complaining, it sounds like you got ahold some of the people who used to be in the Sprint call center, some recent ones are good, but you used to call in every month and they would say "oh we typed in the wrong code" or "I'll fix that for you" or "yeah can't do that".

    Basically if you keep calling in you'll eventually get someone who'll do something.
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    Thank you very much for this suggestion. I called back and I was able to receive a $20 credit for this month as well as the $20/24 month deal. He said it was because I added the corporate discount after the $20/24 deal, that it knocked that off. (which is true, I did add it right after).

    And, he forgot to extend my contract out two years, so my contract is fulfilled also. AMAZING

    -$20 off for 2 years
    -free airave til 2093, yes the year 2093
    -20% corporate discount
    -contract fulfilled, i can leave whenever I want.

    Nice how their mistake worked in my favor.
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    Great deal...your persistence paid off.
    At that price I can't imagine leaving....that is the reason I stayed.
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    Ya. I dont think I'll be leaving for atleast 2 years. The price I have now is too good to throw away. But I can get a brand new phone any time I want now. Actually, 3 because there are 3 lines on my account and they all are under month-to-month now. this makes me much happier considering I'm not tied to the Pre for 2 more years. I love the phone but I was worried about being out of the manufacturers warranty period.

    I probably wont leave after the 2 years is up anyways though. The free airave and sprints pricing is better than the competition even without the discounts. And their service is good for me. Jusst not in my basement which is why I got the airave.

    Sprint is bending over backwards. Even if I have to call a million times to get it just right, it is now just right.

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