For those thinking of porting over their home # to a cellular phone here is what I went through and what you need to know.

After researching for several mos. These are my needs and solutions.
Want to disconnect from the land line
Keep our home number and port it to a cellular phone
Be able to use ALL my landline handsets in the house to answer and make calls
Save money by just adding a 3rd phone to our Sprint family plan over the landline bill.

What is needed and I have set or am setting up:
XLINK BT (box that links home phones and cell phone together)
This unit will also allow up to three cell phones to work with house phones.

Trip to cellular store & what you need to bring with you:
Blue Tooth cell phone if using one you have but not hooked up at this time.
Landline phone #, account #, user name and password (must have all).
Note: If you do not have a spare BT cellphone than you need to purchase one at store. Also need to know what plan you are going with.

Here is what we went through;
Maintained My Pre and it's number.
Took wifes LG Lotus an ported home number to it (still under contract and since it is still running all is fine with the contract)
Purchased new Pre (call it Pre2) and moved (ported) wifes cell number to this pre2
Added 3rd line (home number) to our 1500min data plan for 19.xx a month
After 3 hours and several phone calls while at the store I took all the phones home.

At home I had to do some follow up and some things. Called customer service to make sure the LG (with ported home #) was set. It was not. So I had to ask to (and this is important) talk to the person that handles LANDLINE number porting. The rep. asked again for my landline account number, username and password. The reason for this is so the phone company knows it is really you that is closing your account for the landline phone. The rep also helped me make sure the LG Lotus was programed correctly.
The home number to LG is 90% done now. It can take a week for the paperwork and request with land line company to finish. On the 26th the temp. number in the LG will be replaced by the land line # and I will need to call to finish the programing on the phone.

The Pre2 was not programed right. To check yours on a pre/pixi just look at the info screen. So another call and rep helped me to program the pre2 with the Old LG cell number number. It was fast and easy BUT make sure you have not entered and information (contacts or apps) you WILL loose all of it. It is not on the cloud yet.

Now for the Airave if you have one. You will need to sign into your Sprint account online. Go to your phone account screen. Click on the "phone and plan details". Now go to the last box on the far right and see "Manage settings & access to AIRAVE™ and other Sprint equipment. Click that. On this next screen select "restrict" and enter all your cell numbers that will be using the airave and then "save". The airave will update in about 30 mins. 1-hour later I had to do a Hard (power) reset on my airave. Now it works great.

The XLINK BT will be here in a few days and I will post the setup then.

Hope this helps. It took me from 10:00 am to 4:30pm to get everything setup.