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    I have TEP on my U300 Modem.
    How do I go about a replacement?

    It just stopped working altogether. I now have no internet for my biz.
    Are they going to replace it on spot?
    If not, should I ask them for another modem to tide me over so i won't be without internet until I get a Replacement U300?

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    Most likely they won't have stock on hand that they can swap it with, they will have to order it, which takes 2-3 days usually.

    If you go through Asurion with the $50 deductible they overnight you another one, but you have to pay for that whereas if the store replaces it or orders one there is no deductible (unless there is liquid or physical damage).
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    If it just quit working then it should be a warranty replacement, not a TEP claim. Just take it back to Sprint. There should be no deductible because this doesn't even involve Asurion.
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    Thanks Guys.

    I guess either way I'll be without Internet for 2-3 days.
    I'm just going to die!
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    I just got back from Sprint.
    They swapped it on the spot.

    No questions asked.

    I am extremely happy with their courtesy.
    Just call me Berd.

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