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    I don't know much about this whole cell phone network and world thing here so I'm going to ask for your guys advice since you know what your talking about.

    Making a long story short, I won my spuerbowl pool and have some cash to blow. I've had this ****ty phone on verizon and wan't to step it up to a nice phone so I'm wondering. What kind of cool smart phones (preferably the palm pre) are compatible with the verizon network. I don't want to get a data plan so they need to have wifi and i don't want to spend $500 for an already unlocked phone, any advice?
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    If you are going to go with a basic contract just get a Pixi or pre with contract and add the data off patch. Then keep the phone in wifi mode and never have to run on their data network. Or just come over to Sprint. The plans cost less.

    Can anyone second this?
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    I'm already on a verizon contract and what does off patch mean, sorry, im a dunce with this!
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    Don't believe Verizon will allow a Pre+ without a data plan. Possibly if you pay the NON-contract price $599.99

    It's Verizon there's a "Fee" for That.
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    With the webos phones, once you install preware by way of webos quick install you can add a patch that will toggle data on or off. Once you install that patch you can keep the data part of the phone turned off and only run WIFI when avalable.

    How much longer do you have on the contract?
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    I can opt out of the contract at any time, I thought they forced you to pay the 30 dollars a month for data though
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    for sure sprint requires a data plan with the lowest at $70 which has any mobile.

    doesn't verizon still have a pricey etf?
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    I'm almost positive that Verizon requires a data plan with their smartphones.
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    I think all the carriers require a data plan with their smartphones. As much as they want your money, they just won't let you overpay for the data if you use it. Though you are in a unique situation... Sorry I couldn't be much more help than that
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    Go for the Motorola RAZR2 V9m on Amazon. It's still there...

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