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    I currently have everything data family plan on four phones. They are under contract for a year and a half longer. I want to add a fifth line to the family plan on a month to month basis. Is it possible to do so?
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    only t-mo will let you but maybe you should just call your service provider
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    nope it will be a two year unless your willing to pay full price for the phone
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    If you buy a used phone, one with a clean ESN, it can be activated month-to-month. If you want new phone at the cheap price, you'd have to get a contract. If you pay full price for a new phone, you can go month-to-month.
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    When I called spring cs I was told that sprint doesn't do month to month anymore. even if you bring in your own phone, you'd still have to establish a new contract... Which makes no sense... But maybe it was just one rep's opinion, who knows...
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    Sprint requires a contract on all new lines of service, even if you bring your own phone. It makes more sense to get a discounted phone when you activate the service.
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