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    I had had my first Pre since week one. Have been inside and out of the WebOS and have even run the phone at 650mhz. Had the Zagg cover and have droped it a few time. dug so deep into the programing that I have reset it a few times. The Pre has been a bullet as far as the programing.

    Here is the fun part. My ear speaker has been bad. It has nothing to do with the jack. If I were to squeeze the back and front of the ear piece it would work find. Let go and it goes out. So I smacked the ear spot on my knuckle and - nope that didn't fix it. But......the touch screen RIP. Could not get the screen to respond at all. It just sat there lit up and looking nice. I think it was taunting me. Was not home and could not reset it.

    I drove right to the Sprint store for help and the tech, a PreCentral member looked at the phone and said, hmm, "wood background, battery %, full date, 4G icon and hidden launch bar". He said not a big deal. I ask if he could reset it and get the 180+ modifications, homebrew, manual scripts I wrote off it. He went on to say that it will be exchanged and that Palm could care less. The only thing is that I have to wait around an hour.

    So to kill time I talked to two other Pre owners and another sprint rep. One customer said to the rep and I "can I really do stuff like you guys to my phone". OMG, we all went on and on about WebOS, Preware, Internals, Palm, skins, Jason and some of the other members here. In the end it was the most fun I have had in any store in a very long time.
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    hate to turn the thread off topic but wheres the patch for 650 or is it via terminal because 600 isnt as fast as it used to be
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    I'm trying to recall. I know that before the whole group was taken off line (except the 500's) I grabbed both types of 600 and got into the script of one of them and later set it up for 650. I ran that for about 2 weeks. Then I got scared and set it back to factory. The funny thing is that I really notice little in speed changes from factory to 600 to 650 to factory. There seemed to be some but the gain did not overcome my brain being scared of the risk.
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    i stopped being scared of bricking my pre after #4 but i can fully understand why some people would be apprehensive
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    It's not the part over the phone locking up or a burned out IC that scares me. It is the thought that I could be without the love of my life for a few hours. Shhh...don't tell my wife. Scratch that she knows. Phone, Truck, Dog, Wife. She is in the top 5. LOL

    Here is the thread where we all talked about the over driving way back when, with the patches and programing script.

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