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    turned the pre on from last night not getting any internet and message popped up saying contact sprint...are their any outages going around or what??? anyone else getting this problem???
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    My internet is down on 2 PRE's in Philadelphia. One had a connection longer then the other, but both eventually got the same message.

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    Same here in the Philly suburbs. No data at all.
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    just did a sprint chat...rep said my pre needs to be "reprogrammed" for this to work -_-, i dont think the guy has any clue what the eff hes talking about lol
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    Confirming two more Pres in the Philly suburbs not getting data connections.
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    Same here. Teaneck, NJ, no data connection for the last 60 minutes. Error code (66).
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    My connection seems to be back.

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    Internet access OK in Manhattan, and Queens...
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    Things are fine in central florida ...anybody else on the East Coast want to chime in?
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    Just got data back in Philly...
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    Philly burbs seems to be back up.
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    Brooklyn, NY

    I been getting this for about 3 weeks now. Connection will drop out and tell me to call Sprint. Then the connection will come back after a wile.

    This actually just happened to me about 12 mins ago.
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    Evdo data is okay for me.

    -post sent from my Pre in Westchester, NY
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    I am receiving data here in West Michigan.
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    I am having issues in Detroit. I noticed it before I got into the office, but then it was fine. Saw this thread and thought I'd turn off wifi and see what happens: Dead
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    Kingston, NY (2 hours north of NYC)...been fine all day.
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    Overlogging, somebody needs to reset the internet.
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    Things are good in Boston
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    Did for an hour or so this morning. Good now.
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    No issues in North Jersey!
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