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    internet is down in Elizabeth, New Jersey!
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    northeast PA here.. data's been 100% fine so far
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    Lost data for about 45 minutes in Pittsburgh, back up tho
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    I had issues in miami fl...just did a reboot and all is fine

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    Over the last two days in Manhattan, NY I've had moments where data was unavailable for a few minutes at a time then comes back. Today I've noticed the EV/1x icon disappear twice on my Pre. It's not a huge issue for me at work; WiFi fills in the gaps and saves my battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hippie_hideaway View Post
    Things are good in Boston
    Was down for me in Boston about an hour or so ago. I switched to roam only as soon as I saw it wasn't working and switched back to evdo about 20 min ago and it was fine.
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    Down for about 10 minutes around 10:00 AM here in Pittsburgh. No problems since.
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    ohthebaby, Clearly you are such a troll.
    I really doubt the Internet was down in Philly. Who are those conspirators you got to corroborate your "story"? I bet you were just "phishing" to see where we all are from. I know your type! :;
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    just got my data back also....
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    Long Island, NY (middle of island)...Data has been fine and still is.
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    Mine was down this morning in the Syracuse area. My pal who also has a Pre, was down too.
    He suggested putting it in airplane mode for a minute and he was right, it fixed it.
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    Yes, there is intermittant EVDO issues in PA, Upstate NY, NJ etc. They have a network ticket open on it and it is being worked. ETA for restored service is 9PM tonight.
    Sorry for the problem but it is being addressed.
    Posted on BAW by Will(Sprint Admin)
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    Long Island NY hampton bays. Internet was down for the first time ever for about an hour i think. Its back though. Maybe sprint is updating servers or something in different places.
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    Just read the Precentral article:

    Wow, I had lots of problems today at 4pm. That's Friday 2/5/2010 on the Grand Central Hwy, going to Richmond Hill, near Forest park near zip code 11418.

    I thought it was funny, because I almost never have problems with the data connection, it's either there or its not.

    This was jumping on and off all over the place as I was trying to stream a radio talk show.

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    Currently without data in southern Connecticut. Thank God for WiFi.
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    Data back... for now.
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    No data in NYC yesterday (2/5) between 11am and 1pm, around 43 and Park ave.
    Today, around 8:30 AM (2/6) in Yorktown Hts, NY, received message " No Data, call Sprint" I reset my phone, and have had Data service since.
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    i'm fine.
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    killer ants!!!!!
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    no issues in connecticut
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