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    I went to a verizonwireless store in New Jersey with my wife the other day and both the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus were not functioning. The Pixi Plus had a giant battery icon with a red bar under it. I tried plugging the USB charger cable directly into the side to but no good (It had the touchstone set up). The Pre Plus unit's keyboard didn't work at all. You could play with the interface but couldn't try the search functions. How can you get people interested in a phone and WebOS when the phones don't work.

    I ended up installing the emulator just to show her how the phone really works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomadic View Post
    I ended up installing the emulator just to show her how the phone really works.
    Battery icon is due to the phone battery draining completely. Even when plugged in, it takes a few minutes for the system to boot up. "Does the Pre get a charging cable?.......DROID Does.

    Its my opinion that phone companies that really want to tout their OS, should have an "easy install" emulator for people to check out. Granted, the SDK emulator isnt really hard to download, but for those who are less tech savy, its a pretty difficult task. Verizon's online emulator is a joke.
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    I guess I wasn't patient enough to wait for the charger. What's the fix for the keyboard not working?
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    what store in NJ did you go to? I was at Bridgewater Mall on Saturday and the Pre+ keyboard wasn't working. I had to get a salesman and tried to show him it didn't work by using universal search. First off, he was surprised the keyboard was supposed to work when it wasn't it an App (fail #1) and then he had no idea how to take the battery cover off when I told him a battery pull usually fixes that (fail #2). He finally fixed it, but he knew almost nuttin about the phone. He even told me that they all had Droids and hadn't really used the Pre. :-(

    I hope verizon starts to market this, or it's going to sell even worse than it did on Sprint!
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    I went back to the same verizon wireless store. North Brunswick, NJ on Route 1.
    The pixi, 4 days later, still has the dead battery symbol. I the in store tech guy about it and he tried to change the batter but the back was glued onto the phone. No go. Thank goodness the Pre was working. I was actually trying to post this from the display Pre but it didn't work. How do upload a photo from the Pre to this forum. I took a pic of the battery but couldn't figure out how to upload it. (I don't have the phone yet.)

    Also, I had to have the tech guy turn on the phones radio to access the web. So the pixi was dead and the pre couldn't access the web. So to the casually shopper, I would just move on to the next phone.

    On a positive note, I used the Blackberry tour and the Droid and neither of which comes close to the intuitive interface of the Pre! It rocks!

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