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    FCC is asking carriers about their ETF's. I'm guesing this all started because of Verizon's new ETF policies.

    FCC investigating all US operators (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon), and Google, over ETF pricing
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    Great more big government just what we need.
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    This is good. Hopefully they can lower those ETF prices.
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    i hope the FCC doesnt just pull ETF's but just regulates them.... like a prorated system.... say Sign a 2 year contract has a 250.00 ETF. 1 year into it you wanna cancel instead of $250.00 just change $125.00. that would make complete sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    This is good. Hopefully they can lower those ETF prices.
    How is this Good?

    These Phones are subsidized so if they lower the ETF they will have to raise the cost of the Phones. If you dont want to pay the ETF then dont sign a 2yr contract, pay the full retail or buy from ebay.

    200.00 ETF prorated is very reasonable I think.

    549.00 retail
    199.00 + 200.00 ETF is still 149.00 cheaper!

    The reason Verizon raised their ETF is becase of deadbeats getting a brand new device for buy one get one free and cancelling their service then paying the ETF and selling them on ebay and pocketing the $s.
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    Carriers have Verizon and likely also Google to thank if they get regulated. It's those 2's fault for getting too greedy. Didn't they notice the new FCC is very pro-consumer?

    I'm with those who say reduce the overpriced fees, especially after a certain time period. Or prorate them better. They are not prorated correctly from the way I see it. Also the cost of locked phones is often overpriced by the carrier to begin with, so you're starting with an inflated subsidy amount. Perhaps some ETFs are justified for within the first 3 months or so, since they will be eating some of the subsidy and losing the service from you. But I question just how much money they claim they lose near the end of contract. And I don't even know how a manufacturer or vendor gets entitled to an ETF(Google).

    And after the first year, the ETF is often too high, STILL. Verizon wants $110 or $120(I keep seeing both posted) after 23 months, after charging at least $100 monthly or more for it's smartphone plans. So basically they want their last month of service anyway, the way I see this. Meaning they intend to lock you in for or collect the full 24 months of service, however they have to do it. It shouldn't be any more than $50 to get out after 23 months.
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