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    So I have just noticed that in the paperwork that was included with my order from Wirefly. There is an "understood" agreement that I have to keep service on the 2 lines for which I purchased new phones for 181 days from the day of activation or I will have to pay the full amount for the phones. I am not happy with the phones that we currently have from Sprint and of course its well past the 30 day return point but not close to the 181 days either. I would like to go month to month for this reason instead of canceling my contract now with Sprint with no ETF. My question is, does the change in the sprint contract for the regulatory fee which allows me to cancel my contract with no ETF also trump the agreement with wirefly so I wont have to pay full price for the phone I purchased? Anyone else out there with experience on this or in a similar situation?
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    No, the wirefly agreement is entirely separate.
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    Sorry, it looks like your stuck... Why didn't you get it somewhere else then Wirefly?
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    I wasn't aware of the agreement with wirefly at the time and didn't realize until if was after the 30 day return date. I will not make the same mistake again.
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    I also went with WireFly because I was able to pick up a Pre at $100 rather than the $199 after mail in rebate offered at the time. I'm kinda disappointed with not being able to get out of my contract but I don't think I would've left Sprint anyway.

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