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    Has anyone succeeded in getting out of their contract today (Monday)? I talked at length to a retentions guy who wouldn't do it. I called back, same thing, and when I said she hadn't solved my problem she escalated to a manager. The manager also said my only recourse was to cancel.

    I can't tell if I'm just unlucky, or if they see I have a Pre and know there's currently no competition, or what. Worse, when I asked about cancelling, establishing a new contract, and porting my number back, they said that they'd use the old fulfillment date. I know that isn't true (a new contract is a new contract), but it is still a lot of hassle.

    My fear is that the lumbering bureaucracy has caught on to the "change my fulfillment date" idea and assumes people won't jump through hoops to get out of the contract.

    Between a new CDMA Pre, and upcoming GSM versions, and -- I have to admit -- evolution of Android hardware, I definitely want to assert my rights under the contract and end it. Now the question is whether I port to ATT (easy since I kept a line on that account after porting to Sprint) and forward that number back to a new Sprint number, or use this as an opportunity to change to Google Voice, or just decide it isn't worth the hassle and pay an ETF if and when I want to switch hardware.

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    You cancel or port out. That's it.
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    Read some of the other posts in this topic, and you'll see how a couple of others have managed to cancel and keep their number. Not sure about going month to month, but at least they got out of their contract without an ETF.

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