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    CES 2010 Alert: Palm Pre 3 to launch with Verizon on Jan 7

    Hmm... does he know something that the rest of the entire Pre world doesn't? I always like when stories come out of left field.
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    Wait what.... I thought Sprint gets everything first from Palm... weird... Or is this Pre 3 suppose to be the Pre Plus? WTH is going on around here... I guess we have to wait till Jan 7th...
    If Pre 3 is true... it seemed like Sprint was just a "beta" tester for Palm so they can work out the kinks, then come out n a big splash with big bro Verizon sayin "HAHAHA here is the TRUE iPhone killer" haha idk this is all to confusing...
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    they ****ed up
    they ment the pre as 1 pixi as 2 and the palm pre plus as 3
    its not a new phone
    its the same thing just with voice dialing I think it was
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    Yeah that is what I thought... I was gonna say haha yippie!
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    Yep, Jan. 7th is gonna be real interesting, that's for sure!
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