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    my GF's tmobile phone (htc shadow) can send/receive calls of my home wifi with ZERO extra equip or setup. The Sprint coverage here is spotty and this seems like a perfect solution vs. an Airave. Why can't Sprint do this - is it a CDMA vs. GSM thing?
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    Considering you're using wifi it has little to do with CDMA or GSM. This has to do undoubtably with some sort of VoIP software loaded on the Shadow. Google Voice is currently available for the Pre and I imagine more apps will become available as time goes on.
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    T-mobile started the Wifi calling originally because they had virtually no coverage (and its still very true in my area). I was a means to get people to buy their service despite having a severely crippled network compared to the larger companies. It wasn't due to bad coverage at your home and needing to fill in a hole, it was due to no coverage at your home.
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