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    hey all i dont know if its just me having bad luck with bluetooths but the diamond i had and the pre i have now really suck far as call quality.. just like its looseing the signal while in my pocket *** is going on with my sprint phones ... i may have to go back to the old cable headphones
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    just you
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    so what do you use
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    What bluetooth device do you have? I use a bluetooth headset and I never have problems at all. I suppose it could theoretically be a problem with the phone but I would first suspect the bluetooth device you have. Post it.
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    right now i have a jabra bt2080 but before that with my diamond i had a jawbone and i had the same results
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    Bluetooth is still pretty sketchy technology. Many phone/BT combinations don't work well. You should always try to test a headset with your phone before buying one.
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    In my experience the Motorola bluetooth headsets are the most universal. That being said, it also depends on the bluetooth in the device. I haven't had any issues with my Jawbone 2, or now my Motorola HX-1 Endeavor.
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    I have one of these and it works great with my Pre, but I didn't pay $79.95 for it. I bought it at a local overstock/surplus store for $3.99. (No that isn't a typo)

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