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    I'm going to Canada(Montreal) for a few days pretty soon. Will my Sprint Pre work? Will I be roaming the whole time, and can I get EVDO speeds while I'm there? Will I get charged anything extra?
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    Yes your phone will work in Canada. If you make any calls you can dial just like you would in the states with no need dial any special international numbers. Be careful though, even though you don't need to do anything special to make phone calls you are in another country and unless your plan includes Canada then any calls you make or data usage will be charged extra as international roaming, this can add up pretty quick. My advice would be to turn the phones data usage off and keep your phone calls/text messages to a minimum or you may be in for a nasty surprise on your next phone bill.
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    I was in Montreal in August. Pre works fine. Ev-do I believe was working also. You will be international roaming. Which will depend on the plan you have. I would turn off data, emails too. Cause I did get charge for them a lil pricey. Text messages I believe are not charged, but phone call are. I would just keep talking to a mininmum
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    Good Canadian Roaming info in here:

    As a Canadian who lives in the USA and travels home now and again I can tell you that data roaming in Canada is very expensive (txt will cost you 20 cents each as well). I would recommend turning data roaming off once you approach the boarder (or land at Trudeau) and only enabling it when you need it.
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    If your on Sprint they have minute packages you can buy ahead of time. I highly recomend doing that because the last time I checked it was less than 1/10 of the cost of Sprint International roaming.
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    how do you turn off data?
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    I believe data roaming is turned off by default however, you can easily turn off everything using the airplane mode (click on wifi/3G signal and then select turn on airplane mode).

    If you have preware installed you can install the patch to show data roaming on the same screen.
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    I just installed the Advanced Phone Menu and it is great.
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    You need to call Sprint and make sure your line is provisioned properly to allow international roaming. Also, Sprint has a $40 (per month) "Worldwide Data" option which you can add for a few days and remove once you return. You should add it a day or two before you leave the United States, however, to make sure your Pre and account are provisioned correctly. You can also ask about the $2.99 (per month) "Canada Roaming Option" which reduces your voice roaming charge to $0.20 per minute (otherwise it's $0.59 per minute), which I believe can be prorated as well. As mentioned, you may also need to go into the Phone app preferences and enable voice and data roaming.
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    What Pre do you have?


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