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    Hi guys,

    I'm on an Everything Data 450 plan with the 25% Alliant discount, so sitting around $58/month (including taxes, fees, etc.). It's an individual plan. Now this is clearly below the $69.99 monthly recurring charge they say is required for Sprint Premier -- but my plan qualifies without the discount.

    I was wondering if it's possible to "double-dip" ... to keep my employee discount and still get SP. Just to clarify, my first bill was in October and the December billing cycle is my third.

    Does anyone here get SP + employee discount?

    Just looking forward to the Pre2 / other phone next August :-)
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    Other than the "privilege" of upgrade pricing every 365 days I can't think of one thing my SP status has done for me that I didn't get as a regular Sprint customer.
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    I have a 27% employee discount and I am a premier customer also. However, I have a family plan with multiple (x4) lines and this is what qualifies me for being a premier customer. Not sure if it's possible with a single line plan. I'm sure Sprint's Customer Retention department caould "fix" that for you if you were to threaten to leave (there will be an opportuninty to cancel your contract with Sprint in January, without an ETF, due to a small price increase the Sprint will be rolling out). So, in January you could "threaten" to leave and cancel your contract unless they took care of the problem for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Other than the "privilege" of upgrade pricing every 365 days I can't think of one thing my SP status has done for me that I didn't get as a regular Sprint customer.
    True, but at the rate new phones are rolling out, updating every year is a much better option that every 2 years. It's worth getting if you can.
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    Right, I was just interested in getting the $150 credit in a year. I looked and in fact I started getting billed in August (first full month of service in September).

    So, how do I know if I qualify? Also, I read that you need "six months" on Sprint and 3 on a $69.99 or greater plan. Is this true or is it just the 3?
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    It's my understanding that the face value of the plan is the linchpin. Dial * 2 from your Sprint phone to verify.
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    I am also on Alliant's Employee Discount but at 23% not 25%. I was able to maintain my Sprint Premier status, I called them to verify since I have been with Sprint for ten years now. You will have to call customer service to get this fixed or locked in so you can have SP and the discount.
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    I am on my own individual everything 450 plan and have been for about 2 or 3 year I don't remember. I currently get a 25% autozone discount and I am SP...and like said earlier the only real good thing is the upgrade capabilities...
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    The Premier eligibility is determined before any discount applies.
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