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    I'm kind of wondering if anyone has similar thoughts on how I feel.

    I think the Palm Pre is an excellent phone. I love the webOS, I love having the web in my pocket, and I love Sprint giving me this for a fraction of what I would have paid for an iPhone.

    That being said, I feel as though having the Palm pre on Verizon is somewhat of a mixed blessing. I think it would be great for Palm, provided that it sells well, because this means continued profits for a good company and the advancement of the hardware and webOS platform for more years, hopefully many.

    On the other hand, it may or may not ruin the game for Sprint. I switched to Sprint from Alltel and couldn't be happier. The exclusivity of the pre on Sprint is what drew me to them to begin with. This may change if Verizon gets the pre, meaning Sprint might not seem like a good switch. Even worse if Verizon gets the iPhone, it will likely eat into both Palm's and Sprint's chances at success. And what happens if both of these companies go under (or worse, Sprint gets absorbed into Verizon itself...), then am I any better than I was with Alltel?

    On a more selfish note, Verizon having the pre would likely mean we'd see more pres out in the wild. I kind of like having the underdog phone.

    Anyone else feel similarly?
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    I am somewhat confused with your concern because at first I thought it was awful that the pre was going to other companies because then I stayed with Sprint for nothing. But now I see it as nothing more than good. If it's sold at more companies, the more money Palm will eventually make. And the more places to buy WebOS phones, the more WebOS users there are. And the more WebOS users there are, the more likely software companies will make apps. The more apps there are, the more likely consumers will look into WebOS. So as I see it, it's just further evolving WebOS and Palm and I couldn't be happier that Verizon (and AT&T) are getting these phones.

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