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    I hope so it would be awesome any inside info would help thanks
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    I haven't heard anything about it.
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    I sprint rep told one of my coworkers who is looking at switching to sprint that it is coming in mid january.
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    At the moment it is all rumor and speculation. Sprint hardly ever announces a new phone ahead of their plan. Can't really blame them considering the Internet community seemingly has it out for them announcing anything.

    Probably the first publicly available information will be the device passing through the FCC and then a leaked image, like all HTC phones.
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    If Sprint is going to be releasing a killer phone like this they need to start having some "leaks" right after Christmas. Sprint is in no position to hold out. If they are getting a killer device first they need to hype the heck out of it. I can understanding waiting until after the holiday shopping season but as soon as it is over they need to get on the ball. I would be surprised if it came out in January. They will want to wait until after the 30 periods of all the holiday purchases runs out or else they will get a ton of returns.

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