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    so i called up and wanted a data card, but don't want a contract, wanted a pay as you go for data kinda thing, got transferred and the rep told me that they had a meeting 4 days ago and that's the deal. he said its not ironed out yet but for people with webkit browser phones lets face it we rarely need our laptops connected and that's why they want to be the 1st to tap into this market. it would be $9.99,will come with a like 500mb a month or so and if you go over you pay like the past data plans. which obviously would allow them to try and get people on contract, but for the people that dont go over it would be nice to have it and would make them happy(possibly stay with sprint). plus its a way to clear out the 3g cards and help ramp up 4g.
    all in all i cant wait, he said 2nd week of january it will start and he will call me back to set it up. im happy, i use the pre more than my pc anyways, but there is always that couple times when i need to download something on my pc, not my pre and would be well worth it to me.
    hell i just gotta add, did anyone else notice their minute usage drop exponentially with the any mobile thing? i did, sprint called me to do a "quality reference checkup call" or whatever he called it and asked how i liked it and i told him i am using under 400 minutes a month now, from almost 3000, so he said he could drop me down to the 1500 and save me some money. i said thats nice but i wish there was a 900min shared data like there used to be and he said we dont offer that anymore, would it make you happy if i credited you $20 a month for the remainder of your contract or till we have an alternate plan you like? yeah so needless to say my bill dropped quite a bit and im happy. sprint has had me for over 9 years now, have had att, verizon, cingular, cellone,frontier and a couple others throughout the years through different employers and kept is as a personal line and couldnt imagine leaving, especially having worked for cellone, verizon and att. sprint is great.
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    Thank you for reminding me how much I appreciate good formatting That's good stuff. I've always liked Sprint. I hope people from other networks will come to give the dark side a chance.

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