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    First of all, let me just say, the Palm Pre, software wise, is an amazing devise. WebOS is an amazing OS and I hope to see it succeed.

    However, equally if not more importantly to smartphones, is build quality. The Palm Pre is absolutely abysmal in this respect. Reports of screen cracking, wobbling issues, the battery fit issues, etc are rampant, and many users are on at least a second device.

    Now, for Sprint users in the united states, it seems that while not simple, Sprint does offer replacements, especially through insurance. Therefore, if you wanted to brave the build quality, you wouldn't have to be crazy to do so.

    Bell, on the other hand, does not, in any way, offer any replacements for the Palm Pre. The minute your Pre is turned on, Bell will not replace it for any reason, even known manufacturer's defects. Originally, the $7 a month insurance with Assurion did cover manufacturers' defects and replacements were sent promptly. HOWEVER, as of November 23rd, 2009, Bell changed their insurance policies and now, the isurance program no longer covers defects.

    Therefore, as of November 23rd, 2009, if you Bell Palm Pre develops one of the many documented hardware issues, it WILL NOT BE REPLACED under any circumstances. Bell will sent it into repair for "4-8 weeks". The best loaner they will give you (if you argue and fight) is a Palm Pro.

    I myself have been on 3 Palm Pres (battery issue, wobble, cracked screen while in protective case in pocket and each replacement was received only through GREAT difficulty to myself), and as soon as I realized this change occured I cancelled my contract again with great difficulty (Bell violated the terms of any contract signed with the insurance policy by changing their policies).

    I am now with Telus, with an HTC Hero. Telus offers replacements for the first year with all their devices. The HTC Hero is a rock and I never expect to need a single replacement. While I prefer WebOS to Android, the combination of the Palm Pre's build quality and Bell's insane policies are a losing combo for consumers.

    I highly recommend for any Bell Palm Pre owner to jump ship immediately. This is not advice I make lightly, this is advice I make after countless hours on the phone with every level of Bell Mobility support (from India to the President's Office).

    Goodbye Palm, Good riddance Bell, and good luck WebOS. I hope to once again to own a WebOS device...just one that's built properly.
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    Cya on the flip side
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    You have a good point. Bell sucks, and I would leave them if I could (although I still love my Pre and it's been rock solid). I get a 30 replacement thing because of a corporate deal, but now if my phone dies I'd have to go to Palm to try to get it fixed. That being said, have you tried Palm? I got a Touchstone that was broken, and Palm replaced it for me...

    From what I hear Telus is pretty good to deal with. But even if I had a choice in provider for my work phone (which I don't) I wouldn't jump ship immediately. I'd wait until the phone died and then get something to replace it. Mine seems solid (still) and I figure with the PhantomSkinz on it I might still have it a year from now.

    BTW, looked at the HTC's that Rogers carry this weekend with my brother in law. I think he's going with the LG Eve instead. (Also Android). Was a nicer looking phone and felt better.
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    What are you talking about?

    I have Bell and they are replacing my Palm Pre without much effort at all.
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    how much are you paying for your telus plan? Particularly, how much are you paying for your data? $65 for 1gb? If you use your phone to browse the web + email ... be very careful on how much data you are using each month. I'm using 5gb on average on my pre (never tether with it) and that's why I like Bell because they were the only carrier offer unlimited data when I got my phone and for that reason I'm planning to stay with Bell. Especially now when all carriers in Canada charge so much for data and no carrier offer unlimited data any more.

    But for people looking for new phone, go with Telus. They are going to get the pre and pixi next year too so if you like webos you will have the choice.

    Good luck with your Hero. It's a very nice phone too. I'm impressed by it even after using (and liking) my pre for few months.
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    I get 1Gb for $30 on Bell. That's standard, I think. (Although I use Wifi when I'm at home a lot). Pretty much the same on Rogers. Haven't looked at Fido or Telus.
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    The LG Eve has a resistive touchscreen if I recall correctly. Immediate dealbreaker, or I would've gone with Rogers myself. The Hero is indeed a nice phone I'm quite happy. HTC did a nice job with it's UI on top of stock Android. I am missing the multitasking abilities of webOS though .

    blatherdrift, did this occur in store or over the phone? They are not supposed to give replacements. This comes directly from the office of the president of Bell Mobility. If you got a replacement, consider yourself lucky, and I hope it actually arrives. I'm curious to hear more about your situation, please PM me.

    I'm on a data combo plan, but on a whole, my plan now, which is superior (on the new hspa network, have voicemail, unlimited MMS, and fave 5 nationwide which I didn't get with Bell) is about $10 cheaper per month. The only reason I went to Bell originally (from Fido) was for the Palm Pre.

    Also, customer service between Telus and Bell is like day and night. Even my shortest hold time with Bell is longer than my hold time with Telus total. Also I can't comment on Palm's support, but I have had the opportunity to call HTC's support, and I got an American instantly (no hold time) who was very friendly and helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLastOne View Post
    as soon as I realized this change occured I cancelled my contract again with great difficulty (Bell violated the terms of any contract signed with the insurance policy by changing their policies)
    How did you manage to talk your way out of that? What did you say to have them let you cancel your contract? That is unheard of.. I'd love to find out
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    I did it with extreme difficulty. It took a complaint to the Better Business Bureau to get it done.

    Considering Bell was 200% in the wrong though, and left me with zero recourse, it was worth the effort.

    Thank god I got away from the Palm Pre and Bell.
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    so if they won't cover defects, don't you just drop in in the toilet and then have it replaced by the insurance for damage???

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