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    This is the first time I've changed carriers (did it for the Pre and saving a ton on my bill).

    I was just curious, what is the correct process to port my number from VZW?
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    How long you have left on your contract? Just walk in to a Sprint corp. store and just tell them you are coming from VZW and they will do the rest.
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    I am breaking my VZW contract so I will have an ETF. Unfortunately there aren't any Sprint Stores with 30 minutes of me. I was hoping to do it over the phone, but wasn't sure how.
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    yeah you can do it over the phone..verizon has to release your number first and den sprint will get you may need another phone so you can read sprint the number behind battery on the new phone
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    So I call VZW first and ask them to release my # then call Sprint? Or can I call Sprint and they'll take care of it all?
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    you can also do it online. just make sure to hit port number! i know at first the pre was not available for this, but i think by now it should be.

    I did the same thing... went from verizon to sprint. its a good move

    oh please keep in mind, that when your ready to port as soon as you do, ur phone for verizon will stop working right away. so it wont work till you get your phone by mail.
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    just call sprint and they will tell you what to do and I wouldn't get the pre from a sprint store get it by best buy for 99 bucks or online by walmart for I think 79 bucks you can get ur phone today already you will get a temporary number and then when verizon gives ur number releases you just give sprint a buzz and they port it over. And one more tip on ur pre make sure that you go in to the dialing pad push the sprint symbol and go in to perfernces and enable the data romaing then for a strange reason it is always disabled when you get the pre. aother then that you should be ready to roll.
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    I called and got everything ported over. I'm still waiting for the update to hit my phone because right now if I make a call it goes to some recording about being on the American Roaming Network.
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    I had to call up and have them help me again. The MSID was still set to the old info, so once I changed that everything worked fine.

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