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    OT - I figure the bulk of us are Sprint customers, so it seemed relevant to post here.

    Doing my round on the internet I stumble across this article. Now I know that law enforcment can request cell phone records, but shocked by the idea that these records could just be accesed at will. This article claims roughly 8 million records have been searched. With roughly 60 million customers that is just over 10% of all customer records being viewed. Now granted some people leave the network and others come onboard... but still that seems like a very high %. Seriously, I would think 1 - 2% would be a norm....

    Click here for the story. Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times
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    yeah cause people with badges don't have enough ground to search the records, they just do it when their pre is set to repair and they have to wait 2 weeks.
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    Sprint says that the "8 million" figure represents the total number of times its network was pinged for GPS data. Those millions of bits of data, however, represent information from only a few thousand customer accounts. A single investigation can account for thousands of pings to Sprint's networks. A Sprint spokesperson noted that law enforcement and other government agencies only request information such as in missing persons cases, genuine emergencies, criminal investigations, or instances when a customer consents to sharing information. Sprint spokesperson Matt Sullivan said, "In all cases we require a valid legal request appropriate for the circumstances, meaning the request must be accompanied by either a subpoena, court order or customer consent." Sprint is not alone in this practice. All wireless carriers share customer information with law enforcement agencies when the need is mandated.
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    Still pretty Orwellian if you ask me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinhead-227 View Post
    Still pretty Orwellian if you ask me.
    Thought criminal. My Way News - Mind-reading systems could change air security
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    yay for wayyy old news resurfacing!
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