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    Quote Originally Posted by gtp231 View Post
    i have the older one and i always have the evdo signal. before i had almost no roaming signal to speak of..ideas?
    Your phone will pull the EVDO signal from a reg. tower around you... but for voice it will use the Rave...
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    Yeah I have a Rave and I have full signal with EV but as soon as I try to acess data (web, email) signal fluxuates and I get kicked down to 1x. So you may be led to believe you are getting EV through the Rave but like above posts say your just pulling a weak EV signal from close by towers. This is why I just use WiFi at home :-)
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    I just called Sprint to get an Airave and am getting one for FREE. Here's the deal. I live at the very edge of the coverage map, but still within the coverage map. Sprint signal in my surrounding area is excellent but no signal at the house 99.99% of the time. In fact, just as I enter my driveway, I lose calls. I calmly called tech support and explained, he looked up the coverage and told me about the Airave. He said it would cost me and I politely stated that I would leave Sprint if they can't get this resolved as I've only been with them 3 months and came back to sprint because they had advertised better coverage upgraded in my area (well, and I wanted a Pre). So tech support documented the ticket and transferred me to Account Services where the gentlemen read the ticket and immediately said - I see the problem and I am going to send you a Airave at NO COST and NO MONTHLY CHARGE and asked if that would resolve my problem? I thanked him for being understanding and he ordered it up and is shipping overnight. I'll report back on the EVDO if they send a new model.

    This should also help my battery life while at home too, as it drains very fast as it is trying to roam (with no luck). Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    I will have to second what jghacker said, I had issues about a year ago and they did the same exact thing. I also live right on the edge of coverage. They even removed the extra charges due to ROAMING (since I was over my minutes, because of the spotty coverage.)
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    Why do these devices need a GPS signal? I doubt its primary purpose is for E911 or to prevent International roaming.

    Sprint (and Verizon) use a CDMA signal (really IS-95 CDMA and its successor CDMA2000), and as verified by IS-95 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- at the physical layer all BTS's (and this femtocell is just a tiny BTS) require GPS time synchronization.

    I suspect that this requirement is the driver for GPS being included in the unit.

    I don't know specifically what kind of A-GPS technology Sprint uses -- but I doubt that the femtocell can participate in any A-GPS solution anyway. Your E-911 location is computed by your handset (using ephemeris and other assistance data provided by Sprint's network), not the base station you're connecting to. I worked for a company that makes and installs E-911 systems in GSM networks for 6 years (I had 3 roles in those 6 years: Lead Software Architect, Director of Test Engineering, and Director of Software Development) so I do know much about the general E-911 subject, albeit little about Sprint's specific solution.

    Given that they already were required to have a GPS, I can accept they use it to make sure you're in the USA. This doesn't justify a GPS by itself, however. It'd be MUCH cheaper and easier for Sprint (or anyone) to 'lock out' international roaming using IP geolocation (which is reasonably reliable for determining the country of origin -- especially if you check the IP of the router one and two hops away from the device itself).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nt4cats View Post
    It'd be MUCH cheaper and easier for Sprint (or anyone) to 'lock out' international roaming using IP geolocation (which is reasonably reliable for determining the country of origin -- especially if you check the IP of the router one and two hops away from the device itself).
    Couldn't this then be easily bypassed by connecting to a US based VPN server?
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    Any sort of technology used to identify the location of the device can be fooled by a savvy end-user (including GPS). The size of the cost (in $$$) that Sprint is trying to "save" by preventing an international roaming workaround cannot possibly justify the hardware and support costs for adding GPS to this unit.
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    Ruh oh. <----- new guy.
    Just got off the phone with Sprint and they agreed to send me an Airave and to cover everything down to the monthly charge in hopes that this would end the 1 million drop-a-call-a-thon which I encounter on a daily basis anytime I'm in or around my house.

    At my current residence, which is out in the middle of nowhere, I got to the point where I power down my phone when I walk inside. It becomes useless. So, I called Sprint and politely described the issue and also explained (again nicely) that I didn't feel obligated to pay extra charges for service that I am already paying for and should be receiving. They did a quick network coverage check and suggested I let them call me back in a few hours. When the call came, it was all good news.

    I will report back in a few days when I get everything setup and hopefully push up some numbers regarding signal and things of the like. Being that I'm in a non-Evdo area, this will be interesting.
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    Alrighty then. Received my Airave yesterday which they shipped instantly mid week. After wanting to use this thing for target practice since about 10pm last night, I once again call Airave support. I get a senior tech on the phone which within about 2 minutes tells me that the unit has a faulty GPS. Fantastic. He transferred me and I was told that the device is on backorder and will be 2-3 weeks before I receive one that hopefully works. All and all, I've been battling the no service in my home issue for too long now (several months). I have officially ran out of patience. Goodbye Sprint.
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    I had received my Airave, provided at no cost by Sprint and no monthly fee (as I had described above, and just as Ratchetpre had done - all very POLITELY). Working fantastic, and yes my battery life is now much improved because the phone isn't trying to find a roaming signal all the time.

    I can also confirm the latest samsung device is NOT providing EVDO. But I have wireless networking at the house so no terrible loss there.
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    If you act like a human being and not line the rear end of a donkey, customer support will just about bend over backwards to help you.

    And to add to my current situation, I just discovered a credit which has been applied to my current bill sometime yesterday. Didn't ask for it, but won't complain about it either. Still doesn't help me much considering my phone is digital Hellen Keller at the moment.
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    Ok. So, after all the crap I've been through with Sprint lately, I am surprised to receive my 2nd Airave today (being that they are supposedly on backorder). Surprise #2 is that they sent me the first gen Airave. No biggy there as long as it works.

    So, I drive home at warp speed while anticipating what it would feel like to be able to use my Pre in my home as an actual telephone and not a Wifi playtoy. After I got the device up and running (roughly 15-20min) I do some test calls. Mind you I'm in the same room as the Rave. One word. Flawless. I begin to venture around the house and the device works great as long as I'm no more than 20 feet away from it. Hey, no worries. I have ethernet jacks all over the house. Move the device to another room and test some more. Same thing. A whopping 20ft radius.

    Now, I know good and well that this house doesn't have that many signal gremlins in it. Everything down to the romex cabling in here is ultra shielded so what gives? Could this box be dying a premature death from birth? Only time will tell. I'll give Sprint the benefit of the doubt one last time and try the Rave for a few days and see what happens.

    In conclusion, I will say that it's nice to be able to place/receive calls in the house, but I will also say that 75% of the calls I've tried to place takes an average of 3 attempts before they will connect. Receiving calls has seemed to work 98% which is good and definately better than before.
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    Airave coverage is supposed to be ~5,000 square feet, so that work out to about a 70 foot radius. Anything in the way will impede the signal, metal objects and unshielded cabling are the more common signal gremlins, but some insulation types, window coatings and other building materials can impede the signal as well. Does it only work out to about 20 feet with line-of-sight? If possible try putting it near a window and measure out from the outside of the building to eliminate variables.
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    An edit from my original reply to halcyoncmdr....Short version:
    Airave was doing alot of random warm reboots. Blame got placed on my router. There was no router in the equation at the time of troubleshooting. Blame then got placed on modem. No modem either at time of testing. I'm on a 30mb symetrical fiber connection hence there is no in house modem. Called ISP and did alot of line testing. No problems. Had tech come to my residence and perform some more physical testing. No problems on this end either. Phoned Airave support to relay the results. They suggested I take the rave to a different location so I could use a different ISP. Headed to my job to try it there. Stopped by the post office and picked up the mail on the way to ground zero. What's this? A return package from Sprint. This was a return kit for my initial Airave (which had the faulty GPS). I hope both Airaves will fit in the package. After spending ~15hrs with tech support the past week, I have decided it's time to throw in the towel.
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    Sounds like a war story from h**l!! My Airave has worked great right out of the box. I've had it for almost 4 months, and haven't had any issues with it. I don't leave it connected to the Internet 24/7, cause when I'm not at home my router is not turned on. But when it works, it works great. I even get a signal about 300-325 feet away in my apartment complext. I recognized it by the two boop-boop sounds I get when I connect with it. It's been great getting all bars in my place, instead of one.

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    It's not been fun ivha72, I'll say that much. Being that I'm a geek and love technology, I was excited to get the rave. For some reason, I love troubleshooting. I had pretty much confirmed all of my network gear was functioning properly before calling tech support. Having to go back through everything is a pain in the rump though. I will say even though my issue hasn't been resolved and at this point I've pretty much given up hope that it will, I was impressed by the hospitality of the Airave tech support agents that I spoke with. It definately helped take the edge off.
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    So I was looking at the Samsung site after seeing the pictures of the "revamped" Airave.

    Looking at the pictures, it seems clear that, at the least, it's using the same case as the 3G unit, the question remains though, as to if the internals are the same as the CDMA only model.

    I've attached images of the original CDMA Ubicell, the HSDPA Ubicell and the image from Samsung's Press Release of the 3G Ubicell. I'll have both the old and new units from Sprint to compare either later today or tomorrow.

    It would be super awesome if Samsung had indeed updated the internals but simply hadn't activated them yet.

    Obviously, if that were the case it would raise interesting questions about the agreement Sprint signed with Airvana back in June in order to deliver 3G femtocells "before AT&T." Airvana was acquired by GSO Capital Venture partners back in December, which might have something to do with the delay in the 3G model they were supposed to provide. The company has been steadily losing money for the past several years now, although their third quarter fiscal statements say that they're in the "final stages" of software development for their 3G CDMA and UTMS femtocells and expect "major carrier launches" especially in North America and Asia in the "first half of 2010."

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    Disappointingly, after reviewing the FCC filings for each device, sadly the "new" Airave has no 3G.

    However, I did find something interesting, which is that while the new case looks the same as the Verizon model, they actually are markedly different as the Verizon edition of Samsung's Unibcell supports the 850mhz frequency in addition to the standard 1900mhz.
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    The earlier Airave models had problems acquiring a GPS signal for the device to function correctly. The redesigned "Airave Plus" alleviates that issue.
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