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    Not sure if this was due to the Ver 1.3.1 upgrade or I just noticed it.

    My Pre is not syncing the time and timezone from Sprint. My clock was off about 3 minutes so I started looking at it.

    My time zone said Regina Canada and the time was off. I turned the Network time and the Network time zone off and then on. It took more than an hour to sync. The Regina Canada time zone came back????? Though it apears to be the right time zone (CST)????

    Anyone else?
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    I've been having problems with my clock recently too. It can be from 15 minutes to 3 hours off. Though the problem did not happen immediately after loading 1.3.1, I never saw a problem while running previous versions of WebOS (I've had my Pre since June).

    One trick I found on Palm's site is to toggle Airplane Mode. When Airplane Mode is turned back off, the clock syncs immediately with the network and the correct time is shown. However, this is no guarantee that the clock will continue to be accurate.

    I think I may have noticed that the problem gets worse as the battery drains. If my Pre is left on my Touchstone, the clock never gets out of sync.
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    Please do a search. Several threads have reported this same behavior. Seems to be something with the Sprint towers.
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