I had major headaches getting my new Pixi working on Sprint, but in the end it all worked out. Here's the story and the resolution, for anyone who finds themselves with the same problem.

I got my Pixi a few days ago and tried to set it up. It activated itself (took a few tries) and then took me to the "Create a Palm Profile" part. When I tried to submit my information, it failed and said something along the lines of "you must be connected to the network". I had a few bars but no EV symbol.

I tried rebooting and reentering the information. Didn't work. Never saw the EV sign and never could create the profile. I could make calls though.

Then I called Sprint and spoke to a few people. Walked through the master reset a few times (##786# yadda yadda), using the MSL they gave me. Never helped.

The last rep suggested I replace the phone, and then gave me some line about the Pixi not being set up for all the Sprint towers and maybe I should get a Pre or a different phone... huh?

Anyway, I had read in another PreCentral thread (can't post the link b/c I don't have enough posts yet) about a rep that provisioned a dummy phone and then provisioned the palm phone again. So I asked in desperation if she wouldn't mind trying that—and lo and behold, after another reset the EV symbol popped up and it worked!

Maybe they should put that step in their checklist. (And maybe they should put that checklist online so that they don't have to pay phone reps to slowly walk you through it if you are capable of following the steps yourself!)

Enjoying my Pixi now. Great device.