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    Activation Error
    You may need to activate your phone by going to sprint/activate

    Etc, etc.

    So I went there, I still need to have the phone itself connect via EV-DO from what the rep told me. It isn't working; there's no EV-DO for me right now; I spent all morning driving around to find an EV-DO spot. No go.

    So I went to a Sprint Store, they told me the phone was bad. They gave me a new one. So the rep is fiddling with the new Pre and... it won't activate either.

    Turns out that due to heavy rains and whatnot over here, two of their towers are down.

    I ask them, you know, since the phone can make a call to Customer Service, it works. So can't they activate it manually somehow. Maybe override the thing and use wi-fi, or the USB connection for those purposes. Nope, can't do it.

    Wonderful. So I have this shiny, pretty new Pre and I'm without a phone line because the only way it can activate is via EV-DO? I don't know if it's Palm or Sprint at fault here, but whoever makes a device that can connect via Wi-Fi, CDMA, Bluetooth, and USB and only permits activation via the CDMA EV-DO connection is doing something wrong.

    As a customer, I don't care if some technical problems leaves me out without web features. I can deal with that. I do care that I can't make nor receive any calls because I have a working phone that can place calls but is simply limited to no data while they fix those towers.

    Anyway yea, the Pre looks pretty and the blue background with clouds that I can look at as it tries to activate and the dialing pad I've seen once or twice as I follow CS instructions to reset the device looks pretty sharp too. I also got a Touchstone charger for it which is pretty nifty, though removing the Touchstone cover to get to the battery, verifying if the phone's ID strings matched with the ones on the box was too difficult. Once that cover is in, they certainly don't want you to remove it.
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    I had that problem, try to reset the phone.. Hold the power button and toggle the ringer switch back and forth a few times and when you release the power button it should reset the phone.. The phone will shut off and reboot on it's own and it should pick up a signal
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn't work :/

    Anyway, it's still 2 more hours to go until the time they said the towers should be back up. We'll see (this is in Puerto Rico, btw).

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