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    I am sure Best Buy's plan was to give out free phones...
    If you or anyone else wants to think it's theft, then by all means, don't participate in the method.

    Every other third party seller that I know of has their own contract in place to prevent this. Apparently Best Buy is too new of a retailer to be aware of such methods and don't know how to prevent this so called theft. /sarcasm
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    My point exactly. Since BB didn't plan on giving you a $600 phone for $100 it's theft. BB prolly paid $350 or more to their supplier for the phone and they give it to you for $100 because Sprint will give them several hundred dollars as their commission for signing up a new customer. But BB doesn't get the money if you don't keep the contract. So it's theft whether you like calling it that or not.
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    you have a vested interest as a Sprint Retailer, so of course you are going to take that stance.
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    Hmm sounds like a good way of getting my wife the pixi she wants. Doesn't sound like stealing to me. Sounds like a loop hole and everyone knows loop holes were made to be exploited just look at our legal system. If its good enopugh for the legal system its good enough for me... Off to best buy in the am
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    Well this didn't work for me. I added a line for the Pixi from BB and tried to cancel it a few days later. Sprint asked me if I returned the phone. I lied and told them yes. Then Sprint said I had to tell them the number to the BB I returned the phone to so they could call to confirm the return. I ended up just returning the phone and canceling the line.
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