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    Sprint Nextel 3Q Loss Grows on Subscriber Losses - ABC News

    Sprint is STILL bleeding costumers.... Pre isn't helping them out too much...
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    SERO plan holders were given the option of going to a lower priced everything plan, the everything plus plan. When I switched my single line SERO to an individual Everything Plus, I paid $59.99 for 500 minutes instead of $69.99 for 450 minutes (everything else was the same).When I merged my other SERO phone on the same account, I converted to an everything plus family data for $109.99/month for 1600 shared minutes, as opposed to $129.99/month for 1500 shared minutes. It was more than a SERO, but I'm getting more services. I can also add additional lines for $14.99/month instead of $19.99/month. The reasons I switched from the SERO was that I shifted to Blackberry phones (this was pre-Pre), and I had no other option.

    Also, the Any Mobile Anytime program is will be helping Sprint as well. Both my daughters switched from AT&T, and my brother's family switched from US Cellular (and, yes, I did get a referral for all of them ). I know of fellow employees who are doing it, since you really can't beat that unlimited calling. If you notice Tmobiles latest commercial, where they are asking about giving everyone unlimited plans, they are attacking AT&T and Verizon, but don't mention Sprint. Why? Just look at the fine print in their adds, and you'll see.

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    Not to beat a dead horse, but by not allowing the SERO customers to stay on SERO (or at least give the option of a lesser plan than an "Everything" Plan), many have actually started to look at the different phones (instead of just the plan price) and found that there are comparable phones at other companies.

    When the price is about the same, people are going to compare phones.

    My bet is the defection is mainly to the iPhone.

    My two-year contract is up in a month and I have to make the decision. I have to make the decision about the Pre vs. the iPhone at that time. I'll probably wait until the new edition of each comes out next July. Right now, however, the iPhone is winning (even with the Pre's Everything Plans somewhat less in cost.) If I could keep the Sero Plan or if there were a lesser-priced plan from Sprint (I don't need Sprint TV, etc), I would definitely stay with Sprint.
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