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    I've spent the past month trying to resolve an issue with my account. Tons of transferring, dealing with people that know absolutely nothing, long lines from hold, and entering my account info WAY too much. Probably spent about 5 hours this week with them. I'm always nice to the reps; I know that my problems don't give me leeway to be an *** to them, and it's always worked (at least it was with verizon).

    Today,a rep accidentally transferred me to a xerox sales company (No really, another company. The person on the other end and I had a very strange conversation until we realized this). I was fed up, called *2 back, and asked to be transferred to customer retention. The tech actually didn't let me transfer, so I hung up, and got another rep that would.

    When I told him I was ****ed about the amout of bull in the system, my problem not getting fixed not for lack of trying on my part, and that I would cancel if I couldn't get this to work, he fixed everything. Seriously, everything, in 10 minutes. Even changed the spelling of my name on the account (which was spelled wrong for whatever reason).

    So my question is, why does sprint feel like they can be inept with support, only to the point that they **** off a customer to the point of wanting to cancel, THEN do everything to fix it? Wouldn't it make sense to just fix it the first time instead of taking 5 hours? Or am I not making sense of this because, unlike a lot of the reps, I have more than 2 brains cells flickering in my head?
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    I have not had any issues out of sprint CS that has made me mad, Had some issues when i was with nextel, but SCS has been GREAT every time
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    My last expirence with sprint was like that, seemed like I'd call ever month and get angry and they'd say the fixed the problem but they never did.

    I never figured out if it was the service people being trained to do this, the computer systems where too hard for the service people, or if they were just too dumb.

    The pre brought me back but I have to say, they've gotten extremely better, I haven't had any problem at all, and I hope it's the new direction sprint is heading in.
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    I picked up a touch pro 2 for $211... flat... Sprint can do no wrong for me right now. Sprint is good for me until the fall of 2010... lol

    Seriously, I've always had great customer support from sprint... Yea, I might have had an issue here or there, but nothing serious.

    More mad about other issues....
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    I was a Sprint customer from the late 90's to 2006 or 2007. I hated almost every day with Sprint; it was a customer service clusterf***. I very dramatically left Sprint forever.

    I resisted the allure of a Treo Pro content to wait on a new Palm OS, always certain whatever the new phone looked like, Palm would have enough sense not to give the next big thing to dying Sprint/Nextel. Then came the Pre . . . on Sprint. I was crestfallen, but I had to have a Pre and that meant returning to Sprint.

    Boy, what a difference major customer hemorraging has made! The folks in the store are still incompetent for the most part, but every mistake was corrected with a call to Sprint CS, and every CS rep I've spoken with (a total of 3) has bent over backward to make sure I was not only happy with the outcome but overjoyed with some little extra they threw my way.

    There are bad apples in every barrel, and I don't doubt some CS reps are still awful, but I can't rag on Sprint the way I did back then. I give the company credit for implementing a major shift in CS culture.
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    i'll agree that sprint's customer service is less than stellar, but apparently it's not as bad as AT&T's ;-)

    anyhow, i've had to deal with CS a lot... here are a couple of pointers that i hope will help:

    1) use the online chat... chatting will stop you from yelling/cursing at the rep. chatting allows you a moment to rethink what you're about to say before you say it. chatting will make you communicate clearer. chatting will give you a recorded transcript at the end, for any future disputes ;-)

    2) be nice. don't yell. don't be rude. remember, that person on the other side is just another person with a job trying to make ends meet. sometimes you get a rep who's just mean or doesn't want to help. but most of the time, it's because they have to do things a certain way, or else they don't have a job. have some empathy. be reasonable and firm. state your case. don't attack the rep. i cannot stress this enough.

    3) make sure you are in the right first. it's a lot easier to make a case if you are in the right.

    4) if all else fails, just politely ask if you could speak to customer retention. this is usually a good path if you have been a long time customer with good account standing, not so much if you're a customer who's always late are just trying to get something for free.
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    I called cs a few days ago with some billing problems, I was mostly in the wrong for the charges I talked calmy to the rep stated my case and he credited almost 80 bucks back witj no problems and very quickly. Sprints cs has definitely went in a new direction so much happier now!!!
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    Switched to Sprint when they first came out. They were great back then. In the mid to late 80's I think, it all went bad and I tried Cingular for 2 years- boy did they suck. Was on the phone every month going over the bill and ALWAYS getting credit back for bad charges. Then went with "T". Except for the fact I had a hard time getting reception, they were not bad. Bought out the 2-phone contract before one year and went back to Sprint. I have been in love with them ever since. May have called them on average 6 times a year.
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    Yes do online chat is the best advice..even though i have sero accounts they have still helped out more that calling in..the funny thing is.. ive never stepped in a store but a few times..because they seemed clueless alot of the times...but sometimes u have to be persistant to get some things fix..
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    I agree with the OP. Sprint CS is a joke. I like others use the Chat feature more often then calling in mainly because you get a transcript record of everything that was said. It was getting to the point I would call in and get told one thing then call in again and told something else and the rep would try and "convince me" that I never heard what I was first told because "why would they say that?". It was a nightmare.

    The Chat option is going down hill as well. Yesterday I opened a Chat to discuss an issue I was having and I was getting no where with the rep. They kept repeating themselves over and over again and not answer my question. While I was in mid response she disconnected the conversation due to "lack of customer response". This was less than 2 minutes after her last reply. That sent me over the edge. It is basically the same thing as hanging up on me mid convo.

    I have sadly had to speak with CS for one reason or another at least 30 times if not more since I got my Pre spending more hours then I ever have before with any company and out of those calls/chats I have only had 2 reps who actually were knowledgeable and professional with resolving my issues. It is to the point I may cancel and go elsewhere.

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