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    beret They didn't check my coverage at all, but I was having problems all over the place, not just in my house. They actually made it seem like they were trying to get me off the phone quicker, sort of the ok, just go attitude.

    When I get the iPhone, I probably won't be getting anything else for a while. I can't afford to buy a Pre after purchasing an iPhone. I may try to sell it and then buy one, but that won't be for a while.
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    I had searched for the perfect smart phone and found it with the pre. Unfortunately after several calls with Sprint CS it has been determined coverage is minimal in all the areas that I work in. Dropped calls out the Gaazooo. My wife never left Verizon and still has her account there, soooo..I guess it's back to the big red V for me. Fortunately they have some decent equipment coming out shortly, may give the Droid a test drive. Most old phones usually get tossed into my sock drawer and never seen again this one..I think I'll leave on my desk at home to admire every once in awhile...Stay cool My Pre friends!
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