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    Just got off the phone with Sprint. I have a SERO plan... or I thought I did... from about four years ago. However, my friend has since left Sprint, and apparently my plan was changed to a 'Fair & Flexible' plan (for the same price). The Sprint gal says that automatically happens whenever an employee leaves.

    The catch is that now I can't upgrade to a Everything Plus Referral plan (and get the Pre) because I'm not on a SERO plan. My only option is to upgrade to the standard public plans.

    Thoughts? Does that story wash?

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    seems reasonable...i never understood why people with SERO plans thought they were for life. All good things come to an end.
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    If your'e under contract I don't see how.
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    You had sero honestly with your friend... you know your friend left sprint.

    I'd guess they also gave up their plan (or maybe not). At any rate, all people with plans attached to that x-employee had their plans moved to another category, but at the same price.

    Seems fair and flexible to me... get it? rofl... lol... lol..

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    I've never heard this.
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    SERO has nothing to do with an employee other than having a referral. The SERO plans ARE Fair and Flexible plans. Specially discounted F&F plans with included text and data.

    The only plans that change when an employee leaves are the Employee Discount plans and Advantage plans. SERO plans do not change unless you change them. Whoever you talked to is either an *****, or is new and has never seen a SERO plan before (there aren't a lot of them compared to normal plans).
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