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    I ordered mine on Sep 11th I think, talked to sprint today and she had no idea on a date. Just wanted to see if anyone ordering around the same time has received theirs or not.
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    I don't remember the exact date I ordered mine, but it was on back order for several weeks. I finally received mine yesterday.
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    I ordered an airave at the end of August from Sprint. I got it for free from them because I just moved and reception inside my new condo was non existent. It took 3 weeks of arguing with sprint to figure this out, but the Airaves they usually send if you are getting a free airave are refurbished ones which I was told are back ordered until sometime in November. After a lot of complaining they finally said they will send me a new one. The new one I got 2 days after it was shipped. I would call back and make sure you are getting a new one. I was told the supply of those is not nearly as constrained as the refurbished units. I hope this help!
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    Ahh, that is interesting, and makes sense why they give them away free so easily. I am indeed getting a free unit and waved monthly fee, so I believe I will call them and try to get a new one.

    Do you have a suggestion for a specific # or department to call?
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    They never gave me the direct number to retention, but you can get to them in one of two ways.

    1. Just get to any operater and ask for the cancellation department.
    2. Complain enough to the first person you talk to until they transfer you to the cancellation department.

    There might be a way to get through the menus straight to them, but I never did that!

    I hope this helps.
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    Well, i called this morning, got jerked around for awhile saying they were backordered, expected to come in but no idea when. Finally asked for retention, told him I heard I was getting a refurb that's why its on backorder and I want a new one right away. Got disconnected but he called me back saying it was being shipped I'd see it in a few days.
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    I ordered one at a local sprint store last 9/30 and received it via UPS on 10/2 - 2 days later. Definitely were off backorder over a week ago.

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