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    As you can tell, I'm in Canada and don't have a pre. Yet... I was wondering for all the Canadians out there if you use the GPS from Bell (3.50 a day or 10 a month). If so, is it worth it? Would Google Maps suffice as a replacement?
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    i am a pre user, in southern ont, i use google maps and my location app.. works fine.. accuracy is normally good. just dont try to get a fix in a building. directions are great, as is the routing. the only thing i really want is google latitude. track sales staff, and so on.. this is a good phone, best out there frankly.. oh one more thing docs to go.. is still not released yet.. waiting on dataviz for that one..
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    I have not use the bell GPS but i have used google maps. Works great outside and not so much indoors[as expected]. The only thing thats missing is voice navigation. I hope someone like tom tom will step up and make an app id get that over the bell service any day.

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