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    Wow, I wish I can split myself up into multiple me because Sprint has a big line up of devices I'd like to try. We know the Pre of course, then there is the Pixi, HTC Hero, and Touch Pro 2. I'm very interested in the HTC Hero. Sprint version looks very nice with the clean, non-chin design and the OS Seems to be running very smooth now. I remember seeing it lag when it first showed. Sprint, Any mobile, any time starting at $69, Unlimited data/text, great phones, good coverage...why wouldn't people want to come over. (We know, no iPhone but just imagine if they did and give it the same data/price treatment like the Pre )
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    It's fairly simple actually. Sprint has a reputation of having bad customer service, and even though it has come a long way over the last year or so and is leaps and bounds better than it used to be, people still think that. Even those who have never had Sprint and have just heard stories.

    If the customer service studies that J.D. Power does keep heading in the direction they are Sprint is on the verge of breaking into the pack. In the latest J.D. Power Retail Satisfaction study Sprint actually has passed AT&T now. Overall Customer Service Sprint is still in last, but is right on the tail of the rest.

    It is all perception. Sprint is perceived to have terrible CS so people believe that, even if it has started to change and is no longer the case.
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    Any mis-spellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional; they are placed there for the enjoyment of those who like to point them out. Above post is based on my personal opinion and knowledge, it is not an official position on behalf of Sprint Nextel. Enjoy. :-)
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    Thats a shame because they been great with me. I had bought my Pre at Best buy (Thank you instant rebate) but when there was a problem, I didn't take it over to best buy but over to Sprint (because best buy didn't have any stock for a long while). Sprint said its suppose to go to best buy for the audio jack problem but they were cool enough to go ahead and replace it for me.

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