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    Has anyone heard anything about when it's coming?
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    Some phones (Instinct, Hero maybe) have it already. So, it's kinda here. I really want it to come to the Pre sooner rather than later, but I really don't get enough voicemail to care. Anyway, answering your question, it kind of already is here.
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    instint and hero have visual voicemail
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    That's the only thing I miss from my old Instinct. Visual viocemail and live search. I hate having to go through the whole recording voice just to listen a short message.
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    I loathe listening to my voicemail... I always have to go through a bunch of nonsense messages to get to the important one that was just left. Sure, I could check my VM more often, but it's usually a bunch of nonsense messages that I don't feel like listening to.
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    What exactly is visual voicemail? I have heard this a lot but have never known what it is
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    its an app that displays your voice mail on the screen of your phone. all you have to do is click on the message you wanna hear and presto no dialing out no listening to old messages no pressing 1234567 etc... its really a nice feature to have.
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    I like what google did, I hate voicemail so to read it rather than listen to the five thousands 'ums' is a good thing.

    But visuals better than nothing... Wait...

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