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    3. Sprint Nextel

    Sprint Nextel is bleeding customers, and could lose as many as 4.4 million net post-paid subscribers this year.

    This is a huge problem when you have large amounts of maturing debt over the next few years.

    A recent Deutsche Telekom acquisition rumor offered some hope, but that appears to have faded. Facing a difficult road ahead on its own, the company better keep its lawyers on speed-dial.

    Ten Big Companies That Are Veering Toward Bankruptcy: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
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    At least Palm wasn't on there.
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    Not sure how they decided to package them with those other businesses...
    1) Hertz is and always has been a duh to me I have never understood why the hell anyone rents cars from them their rates are usually almost double anyone else
    2) Textron? Who the heck is buying new jets when I am certain that there are plenty of great deals on used jets. Being cheap and getting the best deals is the new in thing.
    3) Sprint - this one makes no sense as many consumers are giving up landlines completely and everyone always needs to communicate. Priced reasonably and i see no end to cell phone service demand.
    4) Macys. The guy says it in the article, macy's was where I shopped 5 years ago... who goes there now?
    5) Mylan - dont know enough about them to comment.
    6) Goodyear... humm let me think here when was the last time that I bought goodyear tires? Never. There tires while they may perform better are getting spanked by other companies such as kumho and now hankook. Half price tires and for most people they dont need high performance they just need tires. (which they do offer and are also highly competitive and half the price)
    7) CBS.... they might have a prayer if they had a channel on cable near the rest of the tv people watch but I cant remember the last time I got down below channel 28 which is fox news here
    8)AMD well computers go figure they are taking a hit
    9)LVS - all of vegas is getting their butts kicked
    10) IPG - I just think of them like Rome... eventually they were bound to fall.. too big

    Which brings me back to the point their debt maybe high but I see a lot more demand and I doubt they will end up bankrupt. Especially with the effort that I have been seeing them put forth especially in the last two years.
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    They need to be more specific about the indicators. Warnings signs of bankruptcy include cash flow issues and poor ratio of assets/liabilities. Sprint claims no cash flow issues and the spectrum alone is worth more than their liabilities. Ratio of loss of customers and maturing debt isn't the single factor that determines bankruptcy.

    It's a quick list w/out much analysis behind it.

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