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    I was also a happy Verizon customer for years (in Northern Virginia area -- back to before it was even called Verizon). But I used a "dumbphone" all those years and carried a separate Palm PDA (5 models over the years). When I finally decided to get a smartphone last year, I realized how much more Verizon charges for its services. And the selection of smartphones at Verizon is pretty thin.

    I now live in the Memphis, TN area. I switched to Sprint for the Pre. My Sprint 3g coverage is good in the metro area (a few dead spots), but Memphis is surrounded by a lot of farmland not covered by Sprint. I regularly visit surrounding areas and have to deal with roaming and 1X issues ( a big hot on battery life). I just downloaded Web OS Quick Install and I will be trying the roam only tweak the next time I go out of town.

    I had heard about problems with Sprint's customer service and billing, but I haven't had problems with either. In fact, I would describe my customer services experiences so far as stellar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmpecos View Post
    I also live in Northern VA, switched over from a company owned Verizon plan. I picked Sprint due to the fact that the plans were cheaper than both the Verizon or AT&T plans. I communicate most of the time with my data plan...text/email. The Metro is where I currently experience the most outages, but that will change shortly.
    Have you tried the roam only tweak on the Metro? Does it help? I will be visiting the area in a few weeks. It will be my first trip since I switched from Verizon to Sprint.
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    I'm in Central MA (Worcester). I was a 10 year Verizon customer, switched to Sprint on launch day, and couldn't be happier; coverage virtually as good as VZ, better plan, phone, prices, and Sprint CS has been great the couple of times that I needed them. I also love the fact that Sprint and Palm both seem to tolerate their customers opening the hood on the Pre, I can't imagine VZ ever doing that :^)
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    I moved from AT&T and am very happy. You can do what I did, and fully take advantage of the 30 day trial. Get the phone, but don't transfer your number yet - get a new one. Check it out carefully for that month - especially where you spend the most time. If it doesn't work for you - you can return it and only pay for 1 month of service.

    If, like me, you find the coverage is better or adequate, then switch your old number over before the end of the 30 days. The one downside is that the switching can take a bit of time (up to 4 hours) - so make sure you have a land line available.
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    You'll find discussions about Sprint under the CDMA Forum (vs the Pre Forum).
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    I switch to Sprint from Verizon and I am in the Cincinnati area. So far, I couldn't be much happier. Verizon does have better reception, particularly in the deep innards of buildings and in elevators, but Sprint has fantastic data. I did some tests and I was getting some truly amazing speeds. I was up to 1400 mbps. Now that Sprint added the free mobile to mobile I use so very few minutes it is ridiculous.

    My general assessment of sprint is that there are a few dead zones here and there that just don't work, but if you have a signal, your calls a clear and the data is fast. And as others have said, the airave solves most of these problems in areas where you absolutely need signal.
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    I am very happy with Sprint service. I live in the SF Bay Area and always have a great signal. I even get signal in the lower levels of my parking garage at work. EVDO is always screaming. In my house I can barely tell the difference between EVDO and WiFi when browsing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solarus View Post
    I live in Atlanta...

    The only downside so far is that there is a spot when driving to my folk's place where I don't have any coverage, not even roaming, for about 30-40 minutes but I knew that going in so I'm alright with it.
    I'm curious... where the spot where you say you don't get reception for 30 minutes? Seems like an awfully long stretch not to have service!
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    i switched from verizon to sprint for the pre. our family plan is 50 dollars cheaper but now includes data. i have the roam only hack for when i have no service and i couldnt be happier.
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