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    I really have no idea how this stuff works, but i wonder since supposedly wimax and LTE "share 80%" of their workings, is there a way that clearwire could make their towers do BOTH Wimax and clearwire?
    No idea either. I just heard that Clear can go to LTE via software . I also heard that it has to be one or the other, not both but I think that was just speculation though, not fact.
    check out the thread about the t-mobile sprint "merger" there's a handfull a rash or articles the past few days that T-Mobile is actually interested in sprint/clearwires 4G network (rather than sprints 3G and nextell mess)- since T-mobile has no articulated 4G plan in the US (and I'd add already they are in that 'bizzaro' 3g situation with the oddball frequencies). That and Clearwire apparently needs cash to finish their initial build out. So perhaps T-Mobile is going to get a stake in clearwire.

    Since T-mobile is GSM->LTE in europe makes me wonder outloud if they haven't approached clearwire to swtich to LTE. Or if not than maybe that's why the past couple weeks the clearwire guy has been rambling about not being tied to wimax and could switch to LTE if that's what the market wants. Maybe he's telegraphing to T-Mobile "hey cough up a couple billion so I can build this network and we'll go LTE if that's what you want- just show me the money".

    On the flip side maybe T-Mobile is OK being non-LTE in the US- they never seem to try and profit from any synergies between the US and europe. So they just want to get 4G before Verizon and ATT and will go with wimax to get there...

    something really crazy could happen
    It's all really interesting what is/can/will happen. You're totally crazy...hold on for the ride!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by netviper View Post
    Sounds like nothing big will be around for a few years anyway, so I am probably OK going with the Pre on Sprint.

    Are all sprint areas on EVDO RevA? If not, is there a way to tell?

    I wonder how many networks in my area will be HSPA or HSPA+ over the next year or two.
    ATT just said they will stop upgrading their 3G network at their latest upgrade to HSPA (7.2 i think?) and concentrate on LTE testing at the end of 2010 and LTE deployment in 2011.

    So either way the next generation devices will need to be something new- either LTE or Wimax.
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