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    Here's my issue:

    I'm currently on a family plan. I've had my phone and have been on this plan for over two years. I am eligible for upgrade. I want to separate my current number from the family plan and start my own account. My goal is to buy a Pre and start on the Everything Data 450 plan. My only local Sprint dealer is Best Buy.

    Here is what I've been told:

    1.I cannot do this without the family plan account holder filling out a release form and mailing it to Sprint. They gave me the form but it seems fishy. (Best Buy rep)

    2. It can be done over the phone, however Sprint has to have myself and the family plan account holder on the phone at the same time. Will take 3-5 days to setup the conference call. (Sprint via a phone call)

    3. I can buy a Pre now and sign up for the plan with a new phone number. My current number will simply be terminated from the family plan and go wherever old numbers go... I start completely fresh. (Sprint via a phone call)

    I didn't think it would be this hard to keep my number and start my own account with a new 2-year contract on a new plan.

    Any advice? I'd love to keep my number and not have this mess.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Those are pretty much the options you have. Because of the legally binding contract, it must be transferred from one person to another, or the line canceled all together.

    If you are in the same town and can get together I'd recommend doing the transfer of liability form at the Best Buy (Don't know if BB does ToL's but from what you posted it seems they do). That way you know it is done and setup right there. No worry about ETF, you take the current contract from where it is.

    If you can't get together with the current account holder the conference call is the best option. Takes only a few minutes and its setup and working. No worry about ETF, you take the current contract from where it is.

    If you end up starting a new line and cancel the old one, make sure the old number is out of contract. If the old number is not out of contract there would be an ETF for the cancellation. You can be eligible for an upgrade and still be in contract. This would give you a new number, and that you would not be able to get that old number back. To cancel the old number the account holder would have to call into Care, you would not be able to cancel that line of service.
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    If you go to a brick and mortar spint store and they contact the account holder on the phone at the number listed in their account as a home phone number they can do the ToL right then and there.

    If thier home phone number is not current then have them call customer service and change it.

    Edit: nm didn't realize it was a BB. whats your zip maybe we can find a decently close store.
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    Sounds good guys. I didn't realize it would be that much of a hassle. My closest actual sprint store is about 70 miles away.

    I'll ponder over those options and figure out which I like best.

    Thanks again!
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    Having done this myself, I think there's a simpler way to approach this.

    Call the account owner and ask them to place a quick call to Sprint to convert the family plan into two individual plans. Only the account owner can do this, but you (as a secondary user) don't need to be on the phone!

    Now, this is not the same as getting your own account. It just means that the account owner has two individual plans.

    Officially, you cannot then create two accounts, with you being the account owner of one. That's where the problem arises: the account owner needs to give permission to release the line (assuming that it's off contract) and you need to give permission to be responsible for it. That's why they need both of you.

    The easiest thing to do is have the line canceled. And then you can go into Best Buy and set up new service. The problem is that your phone number may be lost. That, I think, is your option #3. But it's the easiest.

    (There is a trick, where you buy a cheap prepaid phone, like Tracfone, transfer your Sprint number there, and then setup a new account with Sprint and transfer the number back.)

    Note, if your line is still under contract, the account owner will be hit with an ETF. So only do this if your line is off-contract and you'll willing to lose the phone number.

    If you're not off-contract, yet, then you'll definitely need both of you to work with Sprint to work this out. It's a pain, but I'm sure you can wait the few days.
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    If you are having trouble finding a close sprint store, call sprint customer care. I wanted to do a TOL but the closest store on the sprint website was listed as over 90 miles away. -.- I called sprint customer care and the nice employee found a store within 15 miles of me, and even called the store to make sure they could do a TOL and got the hours for me. Not all sprint stores are listed right on the website.
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    Thanks for everyone's input! I drove the 70 miles to my nearest sprint store and got it all squared away in about ten minutes. Well worth the drive over dealing with BestBuy and faxing forms all around.

    Thanks again everyone.

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