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    Hi everyone I love this forum ever since I got my pre 2 months ago. I ordered 3 pres for the family plan and today I received a check for 500 dollars instead of 300. I am very tempted to cash it in because its not my mistake. I'm contemplating whether to call sprint or not. Has this happen to anyone else where they sent a wrong amount.
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    I also received more than the stated amount per phone, and after seeing the recent price drop, I am glad I got more $$ from the rebate
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    Cash it!!
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    i accidently received a 280ish dollar check from Sprint once. Cashed it and that was the end of it. Nothing better than free money. To this day i have no idea why I got that check lol. It must have been my lucky day.
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    If it's yours, cash it. I personally would call them first if I thought it was wrong amount.
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    sweet. I once got a $150 rebate for an epson printer when the rebate was only supposed to be for $75. That extra money paid for a delicious sushi dinner.
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    You were actually supposed to get another 50 since they dropped the price of the pre to 150 so you could always ask for another 50 off ur bill lol or just take what you got with a glad heart lol I would .
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