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    I currently have a Blackberry Bold on AT&T and i've been on Precentral since the release of the PRE. basically reading up on many threads on what people have to say about it. And since the announcement of sprint's new mobile plan, the homebrew apps that im seeing. I'm tired of paying $105.00 for one line. I want to save some money! I think its time to make the switch. The only thing im worried about is sprint's reception. I live in the basement of a three family house and i get great reception with my Bold and AT&T. 3G all the time. To be more specific i live in Bergenfield, NJ. Unfortunately, none of my friends have sprint. They all have iphones or verizon's tour. Anyways. I just wanted to see if anyone on Precentral is from my area and see how the reception is. I was thinking about opening up a line with sprint. testing it out for a week or two and see how it is but i wanted to reach out to people here first and see if anyone could let me know. thanks!
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    I live in Jersey City and my gf lives in Wayne so I travel around NJ quite a bit and have no signal issues. When I do I just force it to roam on Verizon which is very strong everywhere in Jersey.

    Worst case you have 30 days to cancel. I had the iPhone prior to the Pre and have better coverage now and a $50 monthly cheaper bill.
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    hey thanks chrissurra. my girl actually lives in jersey city. i drive a distance too to see here. so i'll assume jersey city area is good too. yeah i just dont want to go thru that hassle of opening a sprint account and if its not good for me i need to return it and hope i dont get any charges. thanks again. haha
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    hi eyecanmakeamess. i live in fairview nj near the george washington bridge and i have to say signal is great. i have fast data and no dropped calls. As for your basement sprint can also provide for you an airrave (reception booster)free of charge if you have reception problems. As for my bill i pay $160.00 for TWO phones with 1500 shared minutes. unlimited text, data, tv, and now unlimited cell to cell calling to any mobile number anytime anyplace. and my best friend has att and he hates the service in our house. he never has 3g and always gets dropped calls for his iphone 3gs. overall i would say i am very happpy with the pre and sprint
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    also, if the basement is the issue, you can always get (negotiate for) an airave...then you should have perfect reception.
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    I'm in Teaneck and spend a lot of time in Bergenfield. I get great reception on Sprint. Got horrible reception there with AT&T actually. The basement may complicate things, but there's always AirRave.
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    thanks for all the responses. yeah im hoping i dont need to get the airrave. we'll see. i shall have the PRE soon. =)
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    I'm not too familiar with the NJ layout - but I travel to the tri-state area quite a bit and when I go to NJ I am usually in Parsippany, Secaucus, Jersey City, and Cranford. I've had no call issues with sprint in any of these cities.
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    I'm from Jersey City. In the tri-state area Sprint/Verizon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    NP here: Hudson County area and i travel all over NJ. (of course in my life I am have a few dead zones but not big dead zones, like I can walk a few feet and get the signal back)
    Sprint Palm Pre-
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    You should check out the coverage map at I live a few miles from Bergenfield, and I've found the map to be very accurate for my town. I.e., coverage at my house sucks (light green on map), and a couple blocks away, the signal is great (dark green).
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    Yeah I checked on and wasn't sure if it's that accurate.
    I'll just pick it up and pray. Thanks for all the replies.
    Now the question is should I homebrew it? =D
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    heh, I use to live in bergenfield. I miss that place.
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    I live in clifton,nj and get better coverage with sprint than i did with t-mobile. I literally live about 5 blocks from bergen county. Sprint gets great coverage along with the fastest data speeds on average (not thearetical speeds) and they have roaming agreements with verizon.
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    Spent a couple days at a friend's house in North Bergen (Tonnelle Ave near 76th). Slept in his basement bedroom and had perfect reception on my Sprint phone. Same while driving around town there.
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