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    Hey everybody,
    I have the Pre with the Everything Data 450 plan, and I'm going to add my parents to the plan and get the Data 1500 family plan. I'm trying to figure out which phones to get for them, maybe you guys can help.

    My dad needs a cheap/free, easy to use phone with great reception. He won't be using it for anything but voice calls. He will be in the middle of nowhere quite often and will be roaming a lot. Do the phones pick the network with the strongest signal or will they all pick sprint first, then only roam if there are zero sprint bars?

    My mom will only be using her phone for voice calls also. The most important thing for her phone is long battery life, followed by reception and ease of use.

    Thanks for the help
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    Before you worry about what phone, you might want to reconsider which plan you get.

    If they will be using 450 minutes each or less, and no data, it may be cheaper to set them up on separate lines without the family plan. It may even work out best to keep your self on an individual plan and have just the two of them on a talk only family plan.

    In my experience, family plans are only a good deal if everybody on the plan has the same sort of usage.

    As far as battery life, the reality is that if they are using their phones STRICTLY for voice calls only, there aren't many phones on the market that would give them any trouble.
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    I have the Everything Data 450 plan for $60/mo.
    The Family Talk 700 plan is $70/mo for two lines + $10 for every line after that.
    The Family Data 1500 is $130 for 3 lines. So same price just some more minutes, and there is the off chance that my dad will figure out how to use the gps or something on the phone. Also, my sister or someone might jump on the plan too, and she would want the messaging and web.
    Are there any other family talk plans I should check out?

    Also, the LG LX370 seems like the best best for both phones. Anyone have any other recommendations or thoughts on this phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by timbtimb View Post
    The Family Data 1500 is $130 for 3 lines.
    Actually, it's only $130 for the first 2 lines. It's an extra $20 for each additional line. That makes it $150 to put them on your plan. So, you're spending an extra $240/year vs having them share a talk only plan.
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    The cheapest route would be to have you stay with the Everything Data 450 and put them on a Talk Share 700 plan together. The plans together come out to ~$140/mo.

    The best deal would be to have the three phones sharing the Everything Data 1500 plan for ~$150 with 3 lines. It is $10 more a month, but all three lines get the messaging, data, GPS, Sprint TV/Radio, and the new Any Mobile, Anytime program.

    As far as the phones go, the Sanyo phones in my opinion tend to have slightly better reception than the other devices. I have seen a Sanyo device get a usable signal when every other phone my friends had on other carriers did not, even another Sprint device.

    For simple calls only most of the phones will be about the same. If you do decide to go with the Everything Data plan route I would recommend getting a phone that has at least GPS, and possibly EvDO for faster data and the Sprint TV/Radio. Many times we have customers that say they won't use the GPS or TV but after having it included start to use it and get hooked, so you never know.

    At the moment Sprint has a buy one get one free on the Sanyo 2700 and the LG Rumor 2. Both of those have full keyboards for texting, and GPS, but no EvDO. Also the Samsung Highnote and the LG LX370 are free after mail in rebate right now, bth use Sprint's One Click interface (very customizable and intuitive) and they have GPS and EvDO. There are also the newly launched Samsung M240 (flip, no camera, $20) and M330 (slider, VGA camera, free after MIR). It really depends on if they might start texting or using data ifit was available or if they won't no matter what. Or if they want a slider, versus flip, or candybar phone.
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    I agee with halcyoncmdr that sanyo seems to have the best reception. I have been with sprint for 10 years and have had many many phones of different makers and models.

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